Pathfinders Wildlife Pendants

Our Pathfinders Pendants line consists of over 130 original wildlife designs by 3 Michigan artists. We are the sole producer of these pendants that are hand crafted in our studio in DeWitt, Michigan. We began the line in 2005, and today continue to celebrate wildlife by creating pieces with intrinsic meaning and quality that withstands the tests of time. With simplicity and elegance, each piece summons our natural desire to share what has meaning to us, with others.  Each piece invites us to tell our own story.

The Pathfinder line is sustainably made, durable and contemporary in appeal.  Each of the designs is kiln-fired into clay at 2200°F, producing detailed imagery in porcelain, with remarkable clarity and ceramic-hard durability that cannot peel or wear off.   Each piece is surprisingly lightweight, finished to a satin touch and comfortable to wear.

Every Pathfinder is an expression of our wonder and appreciation for animals, with which we share our world. From the dawn of time, animals have been our friends, teachers and guides. Pathfinders celebrate the power of these relations. Our Pathfinders Pendants line is perfect for wildlife refuges, sanctuaries, nature preserves, state parks, and festivals honoring wildlife. They are as integral to small gift shops around the corner as to our nation’s heritage monuments and national parks, including Yellowstone National Park, Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Death Valley National Park and many more across the USA.

We offer Pathfinders as Pendants, Ornaments, Pins, and Magnets.

Pathfinder Product Sizing:  Pendants:  Round 1".  OrnamentsRound 1-7/8".  Magnets:  Round 1-7/8".



If you would like to explore other artwork from our artist please visit our  Artist Page

If you would like to explore other artwork from our artist please visit our Artist Page


Member of Public Lands Alliance (PLA). Approved by National Park Service rangers at many NPS locations around the nation.