Paton Saints Collection

Patron saint pendants are a popular way to wear the spiritual significance of a saint who can guide one's life. Each Saint is depicted in a beautiful illustration by artist/illustrator Monica Wyrick of Columbia, South Carolina. We currently produce 60 Patron Saints as pendants and 12 as ornaments. (we only have about 6,000 more saints to go ;)

We have selected some of the more well-know saints with a focus on the Celtic saints for a tie-in to our Celtic Art line.  In 2014 we decided to add more of the Latin saints given the demographic shifts in the North American population. The Patron Saints collection is naturally popular with stores that carry religious items, but are also good sellers at metaphysical and Celtic retail stores. The variety of saints we produce, and that our retailers stock is important - customers want that one perfect saint that has a significant meaning to them.

Currently we offer pendants packaged in gift box or on hang card as shown. We also have a limited selection of 20 saint designs as pins (brooch) in gift boxes.  Contact us if you wish one currently not listed.

Pendants are on a 32 inch braided rayon cord. Pins have a stainless steel pin.  Our jump rings are stainless steel. Ornaments have a 6 inch red satin cord for hanging.

Patron Saints Product Sizing:  Pendants:  Oval:  1-1/2" by 7/8".  Ornaments:  Oval 1-1/2" by 2-1/2".  Magnets: Oval 1-1/2" by 2-1/2"