Selling wholesale ornaments throughout the year

Why should you sell wholesale ornaments year round? A first-person story explains it well:

I can remember so many times as a kid being in gift shops at different places begging my mom to let me get something. One specific gift shop I remember vividly was at Yellowstone national park, a huge gift shop with a rustic and forest like atmosphere full of different gifts commemorating the famous park.

I have a terrible time deciding on things (especially as a kid). I can’t decide what I want for dinner, even if I haven’t eaten all day. So, here I am in this gigantic gift shop at Yellowstone and I can’t decide on anything.  I know I want something that will last forever, not be susceptible to destruction, and mainly, something that will remind me of the awesome trip to Yellowstone every time I see it.

A creative retail display for ornaments can take many shapes!

A creative retail display for ornaments can take many shapes!

That’s when my grandma chimed in with the idea to get an ornament.

My family was always big on ornaments. My grandma who worked at a department store in the gift section gives each grandkid one special ornament, every year for Christmas. My mom loves decorating our tree and has a plethora of ornaments that vary in design and meaning.

I ended up getting an ornament of a famed Yellowstone grizzly bear, a powerful, large and beautiful creature, which would hang on my Christmas tree for years to come. Each year that I help my mom decorate our tree, when that bear is next to be put up, I hang it on a branch of the tree,  and my mind immediately flashes back to when we went on that trip to Yellowstone.  All of the memories that went along with it are fresh in my mind.

What a perfect gift to commemorate a trip, last forever, and be used forever.


What a perfect item to keep on display for purchase in your stores year round.

An ornament is a decoration that commemorates or embodies something important to its possessor. It is meant to remind you of something that is important to you, whether that is your favorite sports franchise, favorite animal, or that trip to Disney World when you were 10 years old.  People that are visiting your gift shop or retail store aren’t getting an ornament because Christmas is two months away; they are getting an ornament to represent the memory of whatever the ornament is or where it is from.

Ornaments aren’t just for trees.

Although when we hear the term ornament it coincides with the thought of Christmas and trees. But, there are other uses for ornaments, particularly those ornaments that are not Christmas related. Sure, the ornaments of Santa or Rudolph is probably only meant for the Christmas tree, or Christmas time. But, the ornaments of a football or that grizzly bear can be hung up in your car, displayed on your desk at work, or even dangling from a mobile above your baby’s crib.

The idea here is that ornaments aren’t Christmas specific, they are decorations and they can be displayed or used in other ways, which is another reason why retailers purchase wholesale ornaments year round.

Year round ornament sales has proven success.

The best example of Christmas items being sold year round is Bronner’s Christmas Wonderland, an “all year, all Christmas stuff” store located in Frankenmuth, MI. Bronner’s has been in business since 1945. That means that this company, which bases all profits off of Christmas decorations, ornaments, lights, trees, etc. has successfully operated for over 50 years in a market that people believe is seasonal. Not only does Bronner’s have a retail site, but they also sell wholesale ornaments and other decorations.

People don’t forget about Christmas.

Christmas is important to a lot of people. People are always buying things for the holidays , or thinking of gifts for family and friends. When someone goes to a national park, or an attraction, or any new place, ornaments are a great souvenir for people to buy as gifts, or just have for their personal use and memory. Not to mention by keeping ornaments on your shelves year round you can lower wholesale ornament prices from manufacturers.

Don’t restrict your ornament displays to being sold only leading up to the holiday season . Ornaments have different uses, they are meant to epitomize the memory of a place, and they have proven to have success being sold year round.  Purchase wholesale ornaments year-round, you can increase profit, save on wholesale pricing, and provide customers a memento that can last a lifetime.