The art of the Celtic peoples has a tradition rich in intricacy and symbolism. Through the ages, these symbols have aided in the search for strength, courage, and spiritual understanding. Our handmade jewelry draws upon and celebrates this ancient tradition. This means your Celtic Art jewelry is as timeless and enduring as the tradition from which it is inspired.

Each design is fired into the clay at 2200°F, producing remarkable clarity and ceramic-hard durability that will not peel or wear off. Each is surprisingly lightweight, finished to a satin touch and comfortable to wear. Pendants are on a 32” braided rayon cord.

Our Celtic Art line consists of over 200 items comprised of 18 themes in 4 different shapes. Besides small and large pendants, we offer brooches (pins), earrings and ornaments. All items are packaged in a gift box on flocked foam.  Included is a descriptive card of the meaning and lore of theme.  Our accounts have shared that these descriptive cards can be responsible for up to half of their sales.  People are drawn to the meaning as well as the design of each piece.  The descriptive card is printed in French Canadian on the reverse side.

Celtic Product Sizing: Smalls: Round: 1", Oval: 1-1/2” by 7/8", Octagon: 1-1/8” across.  Larges: Round: 1-1/2", Oval: 1-3/4” by 1", Octagon: 1-3/8” across, Annulus: 1-3/4".  Ornaments/Magnets: Round: 1-7/8", Oval: 1-1/2" by 2-5/8", Octagon: 1-7/8" across.