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January 28, 2016

Our Javelina 2 design (PF127) is now available .  This design came from a suggestion our friends at Saguaro National Park made regarding our original Javalina (PF117).  We decided to add a Javelina into our line after we received numerous suggestions during the 2014 conference in Albuquerque.  We looked at a lot of images and whittled them down to two we liked.  One was a mother and youngster, the other a rather fierce looking pecarary.  I thought our line did not have much in the fierce looking end of things.  So we created the first Javelina (the fierce one).  Well, as it turns out, if you travel to Saguaro National Park, your find many Javelina sunning themselves in the warm reflection of the visitor center's window.  We are told that they look very relaxed.  So it was back to the drawing board, but we did not have to go far.  We now have our mother and youngster: Javelina 2.

Paul Hartlieb