Since 2003, we've been designing and hand-making unique jewelry that is loved by visitors to our epic parks nationwide.


Our Mission

Our mission is to produce quality, unique jewelry and gifts made right in DeWitt, Michigan, USA, that are interpretive, educational and beautiful. Each guest to your park takes home an epic experience. They also want to take home a memento that reminds them of that experience. The Pathfinders line of ceramic jewelry is crafted every day in our facility in central lower Michigan and loved all over the country! We provide the Pathfinders line to our retailers at an attractive price point that enables a good margin. We produce thousands of pieces of product each month and ship 95% of our orders the same day!  So… you're never without stock during your busy season. 

We love the Pathfinders line. It adds an interpretive and educational product that’s beautiful and loved by our guests.
— Client Firstname, Park Location, State

Why we do it

  • Pathfinders products are featured in X National Parks and Y State Parks across the USA. We're working to help these amazing national treasures to be enjoyed for generations to come by supporting retail sales - a chief avenue by which the park system maintains programs and preservation activities
  • The interpretive value of the Pathfinders wildlife pendant is the chief reason our Park retailers select and succeed selling Pathfinders. Designing and crafting Pathfinders is more than just making something to sell - we research, we work with our park partners to release new designs of their animals.
  • Made in the USA is really important. Hand crafted, by a team located in DeWitt, Michigan, we take great pride in our work
  • Our Celtic line preserves and shares the mystery and mythology of Celtic traditions, whether you can claim ancestry from Celtic lands or just love the symbolism.
  • We craft our products to last, so they can be passed down to the next generation, creating not just jewelry, but an heirloom